Some people are living under difficult circumstances in the countries that we are working in. Far to many.

Our main activities are different sponsorship programs for children, students and elderly people as well as distribution of items like food, and other necessary items.
These sponsorship programs make their life more endurable and enable them to go to bed less hungry, to afford the school uniform and also, in case of a student, to be able to carry out studies up to university level.

Feel free to contact us and join the growing number of people who strech their vision further and dare to take some occasional personal hardships in order to help others!

Your contribution would be highly appreciated and mean a lot!  PG 90-01 15-7

We are proud to tell you that we are one of the most effective NGO:S and Aid organisations in Sweden! According to statistics, which also is verified by the swedish controlling agency "Svensk Insamlingskontroll", 98% of all raised funds reaches its intended purpose! That is possible thanks to all our motivated volonteers that give of their time and skills and thus keeping the operating costs at a very low level.

Join us in our efforts to make the life for better for the underpriveliged! You can definately make a difference!

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