Every organisation has been started by someone or a group of people that had a vision of something that later also  continues to drive the organistion and its members/supporters at all times.

The year of 1992, Mr Allan Widarsson and his wife Astrid was looking at the horrible pictures from orphanages in  Romania that  started to emerge after the fall of the dictator in Romania. The pictures showed dirty children that were put to stand against a wall any then being cleaned  with cold water that was sprayed from a fire-hose. That was the starting point of HTLI, Help To Life International. 

Shortly thereafter, a group of people from Hudiksvall joined another group from Hallsberg in Western part of Sweden, that also was planning to sed a Truck load with clothing and equipment to Romania. Since then, aproximately 2000 tons of clothing and equipment to our program countrys in Europe.

Our  work is based upon the Christian principles of the equal value of everone and that we shall help them that are in need.

Our Vision is to help people to help themself and thereby helping them to live a life a life  with a higher level of dignity as well as quality.

Our Mission is to fulfil our vision by carrying out our activities in the most cost effective way.